Guys Its time to spend more time on Oneway communication technologies

If you miniaturize and scale Oneway communication Technologies, it has a chance to become a real commodity, in the same way NP2M did. For instance, by using it in radio chips on IP boards. Maybe they won’t be used immediately or everywhere, but they’re ready to go for future applications. NP2M offers up at least one good example of how this might work: Back at the beginning of the 2010s, a new market for personal weather stations emerged, driven by good design and good sales management, and fantastic value for the money. Millions of units were used in interface boards. These weather stations delivered forecasts and warnings transmitted using national infrastructure. And all of these existing devices, found in millions of households across Europe, rely on an NP2M interface. Further refined, this interface is now part of the e*Nergy solution.

Provided the batch size is large enough, the additional protection offered by non-IP technology on an IP receiver board still costs (almost) nothing.