Himalaya Wellness Company, one of India’s leading wellness brands, organized The Mindful Strides Walkathon 2023 on Sunday, November 5, at Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru. The invigorating 5K Walkathon was a community event dedicated to promoting mental wellness and raising awareness about the importance of mental health. From children to seniors, from avid fitness enthusiasts to casual walkers, the event attracted diverse participants who were united in their quest for mental well-being.

KG Umesh-Director, Human Resources at Himalaya Wellness Company, flagged off the event at 7:30 am at Kanteerava Stadium, an iconic arena with a rich sporting history that serves as a hub for sports enthusiasts and talented athletes in the city hosting numerous sporting events.

Speaking about the event, Jayashree Ullal says, “The Mindful Strides Walkathon was a celebration of the importance of mental health. With increasing stressors and the fast-paced nature of modern life, mental health has become a critical concern. As individuals and a community, we should come forward to make a real difference in breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.”

“A healthy mind is the greatest treasure. Taking a positive step today will help you lead a better tomorrow. Educating ourselves and others helps in fostering open dialogue through community-led platforms like walkathons. Practicing empathy, embracing compassion, and normalizing help-seeking behavior can go a long way in supporting those who need it. Himalaya Wellness Company is committed to raising awareness about mental health,” KG Umesh adds.

Participants at The Mindful Strides Walkathon enjoyed a scenic route that took them through some of the city’s most picturesque spots, such as Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall (Central State Library), Band Stand at Cubbon Park, and Jawahar Bal Bhavan Auditorium. The event was not just about completing the 5K course; it was a holistic experience nurturing body and mind—emphasizing the connection between physical activity and mental tranquility.

Himalaya will continue to be at the forefront of initiatives that break the stigma surrounding mental health. Guided by the core business philosophy, ‘Care for Community,’ Himalaya partnered with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in 2022 to develop a suicide prevention research and surveillance framework called SURAKSHA. The initiative aims to improve access to mental healthcare in Karnataka’s Ramanagara district and test the feasibility of an indigenized pilot research model. The project aligns with WHO’s ‘LIVE LIFE’ framework for suicide prevention.

About Himalaya Wellness Company

In 1930, a young visionary by the name of Mr. M. Manal foresaw the benefits of herbal remedies while riding through the forests surrounding Dehradun. After diligently researching the science of the traditional field of Ayurveda, he decided to dedicate his life to creating products that would improve millions of lives across the world. Today, with a history spanning nine decades in herbal research, Himalaya has been a brand that cares about not only enriching people’s lives but also the environment. With a head-to-heel range of products, Himalaya offers holistic solutions to everyday ailments.

Seeped in a legacy of researching nature, Himalaya has successfully been able to harness the science of Ayurveda through cutting-edge researched and is a brand that is safe, gentle, and trustworthy. For more information, please visit: https://himalayawellness.in/

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