Global pharma major Lupin Limited (Lupin) announced today the launch of its new state-of-the-art Regional Reference Laboratory in Bengaluru, Karnataka, as part of the expansion of its diagnostics network. The new laboratory marks a significant step forward in Lupin Diagnostics’ mission to provide accessible and affordable diagnostics and preventive healthcare services across India. The Regional Reference Laboratory complements the company’s existing network of 25 laboratories and 410+ collection centers across India.

The new laboratory in Bengaluru is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and staffed by highly qualified clinical experts, enabling Lupin Diagnostics to deliver high-quality and reliable diagnostic services to patients and consumers across Bengaluru and neighboring cities.

In addition to routine and specialized tests, the laboratory offers a comprehensive range of diagnostics services, including molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, cytology, microbiology, serology, haematology, histopathology, immunology, routine biochemistry, among others. Lupin Diagnostics leverages state-of-the-art automation and streamlined processes to deliver highly accurate test results, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their health.

“Ensuring that quality diagnostics are accessible and affordable for everyone in India is at the core of our mission,” says Ravindra Kumar, CEO of Lupin Diagnostics. “Accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective disease management, and we are committed to providing our patients with reliable, high-quality diagnostic services. With our cutting-edge technology and personalized smart reports, patients and doctors can gain valuable insights into health trends and make informed decisions about treatment options,” he added.

Lupin Diagnostics provides an unparalleled range of diagnostic services to doctors, patients, and consumers. As a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy, 2 of its laboratories have already achieved NABL accreditation. This milestone reinforces Lupin Diagnostics’ position as a trusted leader in the healthcare industry and prioritizes excellence in everything it does.

About Lupin

Lupin is an innovation-led transnational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, India. The Company develops and commercializes a wide range of branded and generic formulations, biotechnology products, and APIs in over 100 markets in the U.S., India, South Africa, and across the Asia Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), Europe, and Middle East regions.

The Company enjoys a leadership position in the cardiovascular, anti-diabetic, and respiratory segments and has a significant presence in the anti-infective, gastrointestinal (GI), central nervous system (CNS), and women’s health areas. Lupin is the third-largest pharmaceutical company in the U.S. by prescriptions. The company invested 8.7% of its revenue in research and development in FY22.

Lupin has 15 manufacturing sites, 7 research centres, more than 20,000 professionals working globally, and has been consistently recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in the Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals sector.

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About Lupin Diagnostics

Lupin Diagnostics Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lupin Limited. Founded in December 2021, the company is headquartered in Mumbai, India and provides comprehensive range of diagnostic services to doctors, patients, and consumers.

The company began its journey by establishing a state-of-the-art 45,000 sq. ft. National Reference Laboratory located in Navi Mumbai with world-class equipment, experienced doctors assisted by trained technologists and stringent quality control protocols. Over 2,500 tests including routine and high-end tests are offered under Pathology (molecular diagnostics, cytology, microbiology, serology, hematology, histopathology, immunology, and routine biochemistry).

Currently, the company’s network consists of 25 Labs, 410+ exclusive collection centers (LupiMitra), and over 1200 pick-up points.

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