Broadband speed matters to consumers. You can download 1GB movie in 37 seconds on SK Telecom 225Mbps LTE-Advanced network.

Most Indians currently are struggling to maintain their 2Mbps speed from their broadband operators. They complain about policies of telecoms which reduce speed after using a certain quantity of the Internet package.

The commercialization of the 225Mbps LTE-Advanced – that uses 20MHz bandwidth in 1.8GHz band and 10MHz bandwidth in 800MHz band – enables SK Telecom, a leading 4G operator, to offer 225Mbps LTE-Advanced that is three times as fast as 75Mbps LTE and fifteen times as 3G on smartphones.

SK Telecom said 225Mbps LTE-Advanced enables the user to save 2 min+26 sec and 17 min + 18 sec of waiting time each month compared to the previous 75Mbps LTE and 3G respectively.

SK Telecom 225Mbps LTE-Advanced network

From today, 225Mbps LTE-Advanced is available to users of a smartphone compatible with SK Telecom’s 225Mbps LTE-Advanced in Seoul, its metropolitan area and all other metropolitan cities, and from July in all regions across the country where either 20MHz LTE or LTE-Advanced is in service.

SK Telecom’s customers will not be charged extra for 225Mbps LTE-Advanced service.

The 225Mbps LTE-Advanced service is available on a new Galaxy S5 that features Snapdragon 805 processor and Gobi 9×35 LTE Advanced Category 6 modem.

Pix: Lee jong-bong, executive vice president and head of Network Division, and Kim Yuna, a model of the new commercial, are posing in front of the speedometer for 225Mbps LTE-Advanced.