Revolutionizing Genomics for Personalized Cancer Care

Envisioned to define the future of cancer care in India, Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. – The Specialist in Cancer Care today inaugurated the Triesta Genomics and Translational Research Center. It is a state-of-the-art Genomics Center offering comprehensive diagnosis by leveraging the latest and innovative technologies like Next-Generation Sequencing to all patients.

Triesta Genomics and Translational Research Center will support an emerging medical discipline called Genomic Medicine that involves usage of genomic data of patients for better diagnosis. These will help in making therapeutic decisions more effective and help improve health outcomes for patients.

With the largest patient base in private cancer care, HCG – Triesta Genomics and Translational Research Center stands on a strong foundation based on their access to the availability of well-annotated tissue biorepository, clinical data along with a strong clinical excellence of oncologists and scientists. The aim is to aid oncologists in their relentless pursuit to deliver personalized medicine using the genetic data of patients for better diagnosis at the very first time and achieve overall improved health outcomes.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. B.S. Ajaikumar – Chairman and CEO – HCG Enterprises Ltd. said, “Cancer cases in India are on the rise and the goal is to offer affordable as well as right cancer care to all. We have seen instances where 48 percent of patients do not respond to certain drugs due to their genetic makeup. However, by conducting genetic analysis and radiation genomics followed by ‘Precision medicine’ or ‘Personalized Medicine’, we were able to come up with an innovative approach to prevent or manage the disease and design the course of treatment with the best outcomes. With the launch of “Triesta Genomics and Translational Research”, at the Center of Excellence in Bangalore, HCG aims to implement an individualized predictive treatment model that will revolutionize cancer treatment, make it accessible for all patients to focus on improved outcomes, reduce cost and ultimately follow the HCG way of treating cancer: the right way, the first time.” 

Also present at the conference, Dr. Mithua Ghosh, Director and Head – of Triesta Genomics and Translational Research Center said, “Understanding the genetic signature or profile of the cancer helps oncologists penetrate the root level cause of the disease at the molecular and genetic level. The application of next-generation advanced technologies has set its foot strongly in diagnostics and understanding the molecular landscape of cancer, which, in turn, has facilitated the development of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers for clinical oncology. With HCG’s Genetic Counselling center and preventive oncology clinic, we have expanded the collaborative role in patient care to support the patients and their family members. Along with this, and the constant addition of new technologies like Liquid Biopsy, our center is also well-equipped to cater to the research and development needs of Biotech, Pharma, and the CRO sector.”

The center has also partnered with Strand Life Sciences for clinical informatics. The wealth of data emerging from cancer genome studies will be integrated with patients’ medical histories and clinical data using predictive and big data analytics. This “Genomics Data Bank” can lead to a better understanding of Indian population genetics and help develop more tailored approaches to predict treatment response in patients.

Dr. Intezar Mehdi  Consultant – Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and BMT and Dr. Vijay Agarwal  Consultant  Medical Oncology said, “Having a molecular along with a clinical genomics laboratory and the right expertise adds up to a lot of value. There is a seamless interaction between the clinicians, molecular pathologists, geneticists, which enables us not only to adopt the comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnostic  approach  to treat cancer, but it also gives us an opportunity to answer our research by accessing the latest and innovative technologies.”

With this launch, HCG has revolutionized cancer treatment, making it accessible for all patients to focus on improved outcomes.

About HCG Enterprises Ltd:

Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. (HCG), headquartered in Bangalore, is the largest provider of cancer care in India. Through its network of 19 comprehensive cancer centers spread across India, HCG has brought advanced cancer care to the doorstep of millions of people. HCG’s comprehensive cancer centers provide expertise and the latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment of cancer under one roof. HCG has pioneered the introduction and adoption of several technologies in the country including stereotactic radiosurgery, robotic radiosurgery and now using genomics for personalized treatment of cancer.

The Triesta Genomics and Translational Research:

The Triesta Genomics and Translational Research, a unit of Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. (HCG) is the one point, state-of-the-art solution for Cancer Diagnostics, Genomics (Next-Generation Sequencing based diagnostics), Biomarker and Translational Research, Laboratory services and Clinical Research Services. Based out of Bangalore, Triesta Sciences is an integration of Laboratory services, Research and Development, Biorepository, and Clinical Research with a focus on innovation, quality and accuracy for better diagnosis and prognosis of Cancer.