Manipal Global Education Services launches Manipal MedAce

Manipal Global Education Services launches Manipal MedAce

A Super App for Medical Learning and PG Aspirants

Manipal Global Education Services, a leading international provider of quality learning solutions in higher education, today launched Manipal MedAce, a first-of-its-kind super app for Medical Learning and Medical PG Prep, in a new mobile and cloud first format.

Manipal MedAce is a comprehensive and outcome driven resource built on academic and learner research. It enables MBBS students to supplement campus learning by providing access to a Comprehensive and Curated learning resource on a single platform through its Learn Product. It provides a Personalised Experience for PG aspirants that is Efficient, Clutter free and Stress Free, through its Prep Product thereby making the lives of medical students easier.

Learn for Basic Sciences contains dynamic, engaging, credible and easily accessible content, designed around the microlearning philosophy to provide flexible learning options. MedAce makes the learning journey exciting, easy and effective with a plethora of resources, such as

⦁ Micro learning modules
⦁ Live tutoring sessions
⦁ Online dissection lab
⦁ 3D interactive learning
⦁ Gamified assessments

Prep provides a comprehensive learning experience to empower medical students on their journey to NEET PG/NexT/INICET/FMGE success. It is the only platform conceived and developed in accordance with NExT guidelines. It adheres to CBME curriculum- defined categories, including Must Know, Nice to Know, and May Know, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the new examination platform. The entire MCQ bank is designed based on these guidelines, focusing on problem-solving, comprehension, and recall skills. Key features include:

⦁ Personalised study plans
⦁ Error-free question bank
⦁ Custom and Grand tests
⦁ Flashcards and workbooks
⦁ Content curated by Subject Matter Experts

Manipal MedAce was unveiled in the presence of Mr. Ravi Panchanadan, Managing Director & CEO – Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE) and Ms. Preethi Frederick, Head – Product Development, Manipal MedAce.

Dr. Ranjan Pai, Chairman of Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), said. “Over the years, the Manipal Group has pioneered several pioneering initiatives that have paved the way for progress around the world – empowering people and transforming lives. With Manipal MedAce, we are combining our passion for innovation with a desire to positively impact Medical Education, by helping learners be even better doctors. I have a first-hand understanding of the challenges an MBBS student is faced with and Manipal MedAce is our effort to create a learning catalyst for students.”

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Ravi Panchanadan, Managing Director & CEO – Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), commented, Manipal MedAce brings together our rich heritage and expertise in medical education and a deep well researched understanding of the pulse of learners. With MedAce we’ve combined our 60-year expertise in delivering top tier medical content using latest digital technology in a user-friendly manner, which will engage with learners in a format/ on form factors they are comfortable with in their daily lives. Through Manipal MedAce, we endeavor to enrich lives of medical students by making learning easy and interesting, setting them up for success at every stage of the journey.”

Ms. Preethi Frederick, Head – Product Development and Marketing, Manipal MedAce said, “Manipal MedAce’s journey began with curiosity, research, and a relentless drive to make a difference. The app’s very foundation was rooted in understanding the needs of learners, It was all about creating something with learners. We understand the pressure that comes with pursuing an MBBS degree and preparing for a medical competitive exam. The constant juggling with endless exams, grappling with complex subjects, demands unwavering dedication. MedAce is designed and built to be a constant companion, a buddy and guide from the moment the leaner steps into medical school till the day they take the NEET-PG exam. We believe that learners will quickly figure out that Manipal MedAce is #inthistogether with them ”

Manipal MedAce is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

About Manipal MedAce:

​​Manipal MedAce is a first-of-its-kind super app for Medical Learning and PG Prep. It follows the integrated CBME curriculum and enables smart self-study using curriculum-mapped content, effective revision techniques, and guidance on exam preparation. It comprises of Learn for MBBS students and Prep for PG Aspirants. It is backed by the best minds in medical education and built on the back of robust academic insight and processes. It aspires to be the brand of choice for learning and PG Prep amongst medical students across the country.



The 19th edition of CII’s flagship India Innovation Summit INNOVERGE 2023” kicked off today at, Bengaluru.

In his Inaugural Address, the Chief Guest Mr D K Shivakumar, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Karnataka shared thatKarnataka is a State of opportunities and over the years the State has become a knowledge and innovation-hub. Accessibility to skilled human resources being one of the key reasons fueling the growth of the State with the Government championing the facilitating role. Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister further said that all our future endeavors will be result of collaborative efforts between the industry, institute and civil society which will enable the state to emerge as a conducive place for technological advancements and global innovations.

Delivering the Keynote Address as Guest of Honour at the Inaugural Session, Mr Priyank Kharge Hon’ble Minister for Electronics, Information Technology & Biotechnology Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Government of Karnataka spoke on the dynamic landscape existing within Bengaluru, a precipice of reshaping global policies and fostering innovation. Bengaluru has a nexus where diverse technologies merge, giving rise to limitless potential,. Collaborating seamlessly with CII across sectors, we are poised to propel India into a position of global prominence. Guided by indigenous innovation, our collective efforts drive India’s journey towards unparalleled growth, reflected the Hon’ble Minister.

Innoverge 2023 Summit Chairman, Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan, Past President, CII & Chairman Axilor Ventures & Co-Founder, Infosys Ltd, highlighted the symbiotic alliance that thrives between the government and the burgeoning sectors of IT, biotech, and healthcare. This synergy poised Karnataka as India’s capital of knowledge industries, fostering a resilient environment. As we harness AI like ChatGPT 3 and 4, our focus must shift to include improving the quality of life of every citizen. From seamless digital transactions to empowered students, technology bridges gaps. Bengaluru’s entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative ethos propel us forward.

Ms Gunjan Krishna, IAS, the Commissioner for Industrial Development, Department of Commerce and Industries, Government of Karnataka shared that the Government was committed to supporting and strengthening the enabling ecosystem for industrial growth, especially in hi-tech manufacturing which draws on Karnataka skilled talent pool and innovation ecosystem, as well as ensuring employment beyond Bengaluru.

Mr Kamal Bali, Chairman, CII Southern Region & President & Managing Director Volvo Group India, shared thatthe 19th edition of the CII Innovation Summit, was a flagship event by CII being organized in Bengaluru since 2005, empowering and catalyzing innovation. Boasting a formidable industrial ecosystem, nurturing thriving startups across sectors, a beacon for entrepreneurship, Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, brims with dynamic institutions and groundbreaking startups. At the heart of the CII summit, innovation and startups take center stage, shaping the future.

Mr Vijaykrishnan Venkateshan, Chairman, CII Karnataka State Council and Managing Director Kennametal India Ltd remarked that the India Innovation Summit had evolved over the years to become a unique platform to bring together diverse stakeholders to discuss the emerging trends and focus on collaboration and partnership between industry, academia and startups to drive innovation in key sectors and industries which is the corner stone for sustainable and inclusive economic growth driving towards prosperity.

The 3 Day Summit being held between 17-19 August 2023, will deliberate on 9 sectors – manufacturing; automotive & transportation; aerospace & space; tourism & hospitality; healthcare & medtech; energy & sustainability; fintech; retail & commerce; foods & agri that are being transformed by technology and innovation, bringing together over 90+ speakers as well as presenting a technology showcase by startups, industry and institutions of higher education. With Government of Karnataka as the State Partner, the Summit is supported by some of the leading innovative companies including Caurvery Hospital, Kennametal India Ltd, 3M India Ltd, GE Aerospace, Software Technological Parks of India, Infosys Ltd, Apollo Hospitals, Virya Mobility 5.0, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Pvt Ltd, Volvo Group India Pvt Ltd, ASM Technologies Ltd, Hitachi Energy India Ltd, NR Group, NKP Empire Ventures, Boat, Invest in Bavaria and Kambar.

Himalaya Wellness Company Partners with the Southern Command Unit of Indian Army to Create Pune’s First Tiranga Tunnel

Himalaya Wellness Company Partners with the Southern Command Unit of Indian Army to Create Pune’s First Tiranga Tunnel

Himalaya Wellness Company Joins Indian Army and SEBC in Revolutionary Biodiversity Conservation Project on India’s 77th Independence Day

Himalaya Wellness Company, a leading wellness brand committed to promoting health and well-being, collaborates with and supports the Southern Command Indian Army and the Society for Environment and Biodiversity Conservation’s (SEBC) ambitious project, Tiranga Tunnel, aimed at preserving Pune’s unique biodiversity.

The Indian Army, known for its dedication to safeguarding the nation and natural resources, has taken the initiative to preserve Pune Cantonment’s ecological balance. The region, situated near the biodiverse Western Ghats, faces numerous environmental challenges, including declining tree cover and increasing pollution. The Southern Command Indian Army, in collaboration with Himalaya Wellness Company, has conceptualized the Tiranga Tunnel project as a historic endeavor to protect nature’s treasures and promote environmental responsibility.

The Tiranga Tunnel, a symbol of national unity and environmental consciousness, will be located at the entrance of the Southern Command Headquarters, Pune, honoring the prestigious Southern Command of the Indian Army. The tunnel embodies their commitment to sustainable development and ecological preservation. The arch has twelve exquisitely designed tunnels, each adorned with the colors of our national flag – Saffron and White bougainvillea representing courage and purity, and Green money plants symbolizing prosperity. The floral installations symbolize the unity and harmony that bind our diverse nation together. With a width of 13 meters and a towering height of 4.5 meters, the Tiranga Tunnel is a majestic monument connecting our glorious past with the promising future. Starting from the statue of revered Field Marshal Manekshaw, the Tiranga Tunnel will lead us to the entrance of the Headquarters.

Lieutenant General Ajai Kumar Singh, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, General Officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Command, inaugurated the initiative on India’s 77th Independence Day, marking a historic step towards safeguarding the environment and showcasing the Indian Army’s commitment toward serving the nation and conserving biodiversity.

The anticipated outcomes of the Tiranga Tunnel include improved biodiversity conservation, increased awareness about ecological preservation, and setting a benchmark for sustainable development on military lands.

“We are honored to be part of this historic initiative. As a wellness company, we have always prioritized environmental responsibility and community outreach through our ‘Care for Earth’ initiative. Our collaboration with the Indian Army is a testament to our shared commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Joining hands with the Indian Army in this noble endeavor strengthens our resolve to contribute to a greener, healthier future. We hope that by supporting this historic biodiversity project and the construction of the Tiranga Tunnel, we will be able to raise awareness about the need for maintaining nature’s abundance and promoting green initiatives,” shares K G Umesh, Director-Human Resources, at Himalaya Wellness Company.

Himalaya Wellness Company remains steadfast in supporting such innovative environmental efforts. The Company is committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

About Himalaya Wellness Company:

In 1930, a young visionary by the name of Mr. M. Manal foresaw the benefits of herbal remedies while riding through the forests surrounding Deharadun. After diligently researching the science of the traditional field of Ayurveda, he decided to dedicate his life creating products that would improve millions of lives across the world. Today, with a history spanning more than nine decades in herbal research, Himalaya has positioned itself as a brand that cares about not only enriching people’s lives but also the environment. With their “head-to-heel” range of products, Himalaya aims to provide a holistic solution to everyday ailments.

Seeped in a legacy of researching nature, Himalaya has successfully been able to harness the science of Ayurveda through cutting-edge research to become a brand that is safe, efficacious, and trustworthy.

For more information, please visit:

Mysore Warriors powered by Cycle Pure Agarbathi announces Maharaja Trophy T20 squad

Mysore Warriors powered by Cycle Pure Agarbathi announces Maharaja Trophy T20 squad

The role of head coach has been taken up by Mr. Rx Muralidhar, while the position of captain of the team has been assumed by Mr. Karun Nair.

Mysore Warriors, powered by Cycle Pure Agarbathi and owned by NR Group, has announced their squad for the upcoming Maharaja Trophy T20 tournament in 2023, formerly known as the Karnataka Premier League. The tournament is set to occur in Bengaluru, commencing from August 13th and concluding on August 29th. The team selection procedure took place at The Karnataka State Cricket Association within the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, during the month of July in 2023.
Mysore Warriors have announced their newly chosen squad members. Notably, two players were chosen through a series of talent hunts, and the position of head coach, held by Mr. Rx Muralidhar was also finalized, alongside the selection of support staff. Mr. Karun Nair was re-appointed as the captain of the Mysore Warriors team. Assuming the position of head coach, Mr. Rx Muralidhar, who previously served as the Batting Coach for the RCB, will devise, organize, and synchronize the team’s actions to maximize their overall performance. His focus will be on fostering and refining the players’ abilities in preparation for the league.
The team includes Karun Nair (C), Prasidha Krishna, Suchith J, Samarth R, Manoj Bhandage, Karthik C A, Shoaib Manager, Rakshith S, Venkatesh M, Kushaal Wadhwani, Bharath Dhuri, Monish Reddy, Tushar Singh, Shreesha S Achar, Rahul Singh Rawat, Shashi Kumar K, Aditya Mani, Gautam Mishra, Lankesh and Gowtham Sagar. Lankesh and Gowtham Sagar are the 2 players selected from the Talent Hunt.

Speaking about such an opportunity, Mr. Arjun Ranga, Owner of Mysore Warriors and Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathi, says, “Speaking about such an opportunity, Mr. Arjun Ranga, Owner of Mysore Warriors and Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathi, says, “Today, Mysore Warriors is much more than a team. It’s a cricketing phenomenon that is contributing to the world of Karnataka and Indian cricket in many ways. Starting with the talent hunts at the state level, that provide a platform for showcasing and identifying promising talent, to training and producing players for the national level, Mysore Warriors is doing its bit to provide hope to young sportsmen. Driven by passion towards the game, every Mysore Warriors is a crowd puller that has packed stadiums for all its matches and enjoys a huge fan following on tv and social media. This year he team has grown from strength to strength. Our warriors are raring to go”.

Rx Muralidhar, Head Coach, Mysore Warriors, expresses, “I am filled with joy to guide these budding talents, destined to not just represent Mysore but also our nation in the future. The team has bestowed upon me a significant responsibility, and I am resolute in meeting these expectations. Our shared passion for cricket will serve as a unifying force, driving us to conjure moments of brilliance on the field. I hold a strong belief in our team’s capabilities and eagerly anticipate collaborating with the players and support staff to realize our full potential”

Mr. Karun Nair, Captain, Mysore Warriors, says, “It brings me great happiness to continue being a part of the Mysore Warriors and leading the team as their Captain. I’m eagerly looking forward to stepping onto the field with this exceptional team. I extend my gratitude to Mr. Arjun and the management for entrusting me with the captaincy, and I am committed to fulfilling this role to the fullest.”

The team consists of Vijay Madyalkar as the Asst. Coach, Adithya Sagar as Bowling Coach, Sriranga as Physiotherapist, Arjun Hoysala as Fitness Trainer, Sachidananda as Performance Analyst, and Sanmugam as Masseur respectively.

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Experts emphasize the role of nutrition in disease prevention and health management at ‘The Edge of Nutrition – 2023: Fixing it with Food’

Health and wellness knowledge platform, Happiest Health is hosting ‘The Edge of Nutrition 2023, a two-day summit at St John’s Auditorium, where over 600 health-conscious individuals gathered to hear doctors and nutrition experts discuss the critical role of nutrition in disease prevention and health management. With a focus on personalized nutrition and debunking nutritional myths, the event aimed to educate, inspire and foster collaboration in the field.

The nutrition summit opened with the keynote address by Dr. Anura Kurpad, Professor of Physiology, St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, speaking on metabolic obesity, busted myths around superfoods, and more. He highlighted the importance of dietary choices and their impact on overall health and well-being and cautioned people against following “fad diets”. He maintained that they were better off reducing the calorie intake, while improving the quality of food. He also stated that there was no “super food” and advised people to avoid “ultra-processed food” that gets easily absorbed by the body and has high energy density.

“So my message would be to eat less carbohydrates, eat home-cooked food, eat sustainably…. everything in moderation. And finally, keep targets simple,” he said and added that the right diet can help reduce the rate of aging.

Dr. Nandan Joshi, Head of Medical Affairs – Nutrition, India and Emerging Markets at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, enlightened us on healthy aging is a continuous process of maintaining and improving physical and mental health and quality of life throughout the life course. Emphasising on the significance of a balanced protein intake in promoting healthy aging processes, he said healthy muscles translated into healthy aging. He stressed on the importance of resistance training to maintain the muscle mass and tone. “Given that Indians have lower muscle mass, the right amount of protein is a must to maintain muscles, which are important for not just mobility, but also for metabolic function,” he said and recommended starting a food diary to keep track of protein intake to begin with.

Dr. Sridevi, CFTRI Director delved on the million-dollar question in nutrition, “What is the best source of natural and healthy proteins, is it plant-based or animal proteins?” Batting for menu diversity, she said that animal protein is easier to digest, as the animal has already digested the plant protein, and also contains the required proportion of essential amino acid. However, plant protein has fibre, healthier fat profile, required phytonutrients and is environmentally friendly, and this makes it more attractive than animal protein.

Ryan Fernando, Expert Sports Nutritionist and Food Educator, spoke on how Nutrigenomics determine individual nutritional needs and identifies how individuals respond variably to the same nutrient. “If you can learn the language of your genes and control the messages and instructions they give your body and your metabolism, you can radically alter how food interacts with your body,” he said and added that genetic testing was akin to crystal ball gazing and key to understanding the body better.

Speaking at the summit, Anindya Chowdhury, CEO and President, Happiest Health, gave the inaugural note, “This summit is a testament to our commitment to bring together exceptional minds in the field of nutrition. We have curated an exceptional lineup of leading experts, researchers and visionaries who are at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in nutrition. They are sharing their invaluable insights and expertise with all of you.

We have meticulously curated a diverse range of captivating topics for this extraordinary event. From uncovering the power of personalized nutrition through nutrigenomics to understanding the importance of proteins in healthy ageing, to nurturing our children’s health through proper nutrition—each session is designed to empower you with knowledge and insights that will transform your approach to nutrition.”
India is facing an upcoming epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which cause 63% of all deaths in India. Conditions such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues are on the rise, primarily due to lifestyle-related causes such as inactivity and unhealthy diet. ‘The Edge of Nutrition’ is an event designed to tackle this alarming issue by raising awareness about the role of personalised nutrition in disease prevention and health management. We live with many ill-advised cultural notions of what is healthy nutrition, and it is time for the healthcare industry to take up the responsibility of educating people about the latest research and development so that we achieve a healthier nation.

Participants also had the chance to embark on a culinary adventure with the food extravaganza: Eatopia – 2023. They got to explore a range of delicious and nutritious food offerings across the many experiential food zones.

Day 1 of the summit successfully raised awareness about the importance of personalized nutrition and the role of nutrigenomics in achieving it, while providing a unique platform for networking and collaboration among stakeholders in the nutrition and health industries to exchange knowledge and envision a healthier future.
In line with the intent to become the leading forum that empowers citizens with up-to-date nutrition and health information to take charge of their own personal health and well-being, ‘The Edge of Nutrition’ will be an annual event.