Webinar is nothing but a Web-based seminar. All presentation elements like video, audio and presentations are transmitted over the Web using CDN network, encoders and video conferencing software. Webinar has interactive elements such us giving comments, polls etc. which give slight advantage over webcast.

Interactive Webinar

At livewebcastin.in we offer custom made layout for your webinar in which you can share you presentations, video and audio. You also can conduct question answer sessions. You can create voting system and also can manage you audience. Online games can also be integrated in the webinar.


Happily serving MNC’s and SME’s to broadcast their events like town hall meetings, corporate events, Annual events, Product launch etc to all their employees spread around the world.


We do live webcasting for india’s top level colleges and schools regularly during their Graduation day, Annual day, cultural events etc. At livewebcasting.in we supports online training.


We do live stream for individuals to spread their memorable moments like Wedding, Birthday party, Funneral etc to all their relatives and friends.

TV Channel

We have created live streaming channels for medias and individuals. 24/7 live programs are fed through our channels.