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Cyber Security Certification issued by HKCS Foundation for Govt college students

Cyber Security Certification issued by HKCS Foundation for Govt college students

Cyber Security certificate convocation issued by Honorable Chief Guest Shri Subramanya Sharma, (Chairman, Sudeeksha Group & grandson of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishna ex president of India), Dr.Harsha E Thennarasu ( Chief Cyber Security Advisor, Founder & President, HKCS Foundation ), Special Guest Mr.Senthil Kumar(Cyber Security Strategist & Entrepreneur, Sun Innovation Systems).

HK Cyber Security Foundation is to provide Industrial level cyber security education, training, certification and placement to Government college students from economically challenged background free of cost. Their vision is to create cyber security awareness for 1 million by the year 2025. Dr. Harsha PhD (Info Sec),Founder & President approached Director of Collegiate, Govt. of Karnataka to nominate few colleges. The department has suggested few colleges. HKCS foundation has selected Govt. First Grade College, started training their students with zero cost with almost 80% completion of training.

It was unfortunate, the pandemic started and all colleges were shut down and they were not having any facilities to take Online Class. Post pandemic started recollecting training and interactions with college management and students for successfully conclusion. With continues efforts of Dr.Harsha and Management team of HKCS foundation.

HKCS Foundation started working on computer Lab renovation of said college, as Lab was not in the condition to function. HKCS Foundation came out with strategy to offer cyber security courses to other institutions those who can afford to pay course fee. Then We engaged with St. Joseph College and started offering courses. With this small revenue generation, we started supporting Govt. First Grade college for further continuations & next batch of students. At pandemic, our parent entity HKIT Security Solutions supported Foundation Activities without any challenges.

HKIT Security Solutions also approached many of their clients for supporting this initiative and continuously putting efforts. With commitment of charity and to enlighten financially challenged students across Karnataka and India, our effort kick started with one dot. Which is expected to spread across Karnataka and other states of India.

We would like to bring Press and Media’s Attention to join hands for noble cause. Jai Karnataka Jai Hind.

more details https://www.hkcsfoundation.org/