Post your wishes to Graduants

ANNAMALAI D : Congratulations

Muthu Krishnan P : Congrats... Wishing You A Successful Career Ahead!

surya : upload that video pls

SAFENA : Congratulations to all

karthik : congratulations to all

Suresh : Congratulations to all

Prabitakumar : Congratulations to all.

College : Congratulations to all

Subin : Congratulations to all the Graduants

College Office : Congratulations to all

Geetha : Best wishes for your future.

ramesh : congrats to all graduates :)

Tinku Abraham : Congrats to all my dear friend..miss u a lot...

Babu : Dear all congratulations

Snehaja : Congrats

Dr.Kathir : Hi All... Congrats

Saravanan : Congratulations to all...

Kavin S : Admin, that would be "GRADUAND" (Search Results noun. British. A person who is about to receive an academic degree. 'the ceremony starts with the presentation of one or more honorary graduands')

Kathir : Congrats Graduates....

Admin : Graduants: A person who is about to receive an academic degree.

ABDULJALEEL V : Congratulations to all.... ....There is a good reason they call these ceremonies ' commencement exercises'. Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning....

Kavin S : What is "Graduants"?

admin : welcome to RVS graduation day 2017