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Live Webcasting is a company in which we do live broadcasting of video and audio via the Internet or Intranet. The advantage of a webcast is that it can also be watched or listened to later online by anyone who missed the live broadcast through on demand services. Live Webcasting makes a distinction between three types of webcasts: video webcast, audio webcast or a conference call webcast.

Our services consist of an event webcast, a webcast subscription, a company network webcast, video production and webcast consultancy. A webcast is often combined with additional features such as PowerPoint slides, agenda items, appendices, questions, polls, chats, exams/tests etc.

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Excellent web casting thorughout the function, all friends and relatives from abroad enjoyed my live wedding webcast. Thanks a lot.


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Telephone: +91 8050040400
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Locations: Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum.